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Nauvoo's Journey Stories: Hope for a Better Life

In 2012, the Nauvoo Community had the honor of hosting a Smithsonian Traveling Exhibit - a true Museum on Main Street. This was accomplished by working with the Illinois Humanities Council, the Smithsonian Institution Travel Exhibition Service and many of our local and regional partners. Nauvoo's local exhibit remains in the Nauvoo Tourism Office at 1295 Mulholland Street and is on display by appointment. Nauvoo's Journey Stories exhibit covers five topics: the Catholic movement, the Mormon movement, the Icarian movement, the German movement and the taming of the Des Moines Rapids at Nauvoo. 


When the Mormons settled here they named their new home Nauvoo meaning "Beautiful." 

NAUVOO, CIRCA 1850 - 1950

Soon after the Saints departed for the Salt Lake Valley French Icarians and German Immigrants settled in Nauvoo.


After several sweeping restoration projects Nauvoo has emerged stronger than ever with its rich history intact.


The early Sauk and Fox indians were settlers of the Nauvoo area before the arrival of early pioneers

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Nauvoo was established in 1839 by Joseph Smith the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Throughout Nauvoo's amazing storied past there have been many wonderful people who have kept the city vibrant and beautiful.   From the first Native Americans to settle in the area to the Mormons, French Icarians, German immigrants, and various others - take a moment to read some of the links below and discover what makes Nauvoo such a wonderful place to visit.  

Welcome to Beautiful Nauvoo - the historic little city on the mighty Mississippi

Journey Interrupted: The Des Moines Rapids

Nauvoo's German

Journey Stories