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Untold Nauvoo Stories

Untold Nauvoo Stories

Jan 31 2020 - Feb 01 2020

The City of Nauvoo, Nauvoo Tourism Office, Joseph Smith Historic Site and Historic Nauvoo sponsor an annual gathering to celebrate the full gamut of Nauvoo’s legacy - its Native American peoples, its origins as a river town, its role in the Latter-day Saints’ history, its place in the utopian Icarian movement, its appeal to German immigrants, its contribution to the Sisters of St. Benedict ministry, its significance in Midwest viticulture, its reflection of trends in American agriculture, and its rebirth as a point of heritage tourism. This gathering is a venue for sharing stories that have not yet entered into the standard narrative of the histories of Hancock and Lee counties. The 10th Annual Untold Nauvoo Stories symposium will be held January 31 - February 1 at various locations throughout Nauvoo.

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